Phil Spor's 1950 Business Coupe

Still enjoying the '50. Thanks for selling it to me. It is still stock, except I have added some Regal/ Deluxe options.

Added a clock (rare find), stainless rock guards on rear fenders (repaired all rust on rear fenders) , stainless on seat ends, added chrome tail light bezels (I rebuilt the tail light housings w/double Regal/ Deluxe tail light bulbs), found a better (still not perfect) front and rear bumpers, powder coated wheels and bought new deluxe hub caps and beauty rings, rebuilt stock radiator, installed new motor mounts and trans mount, balanced driveline and installed new center bearing, rebuilt vac.wipers, fixed and rewelded up the floor transmission inspection plate. Everything works except the clock.

Still need to fix rust in front side vents, pull passenger side front fender forward about a 1/16 inch to clear door, and eventually rebuild engine and trans.(mostly to reduce oil leakage).

Motor runs great and I drive it around town a lot. I won one trophy for most stock at Arlington last summer, and get lots of thumbs up around town.

-- from Phil Spor to Bruce Kerslake 12/21/2012