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Sixth Annual Orphan Car Show

Saturday,  June 21,  2014     Report by Chuck Tubens

June 21, 2014 . . . Oh! what a day. You couldn’t ask for more perfect weather. The sun was up in the morning and stayed that way. Our helpers were all there bright and early and layout went quite well. Kevin set up the table by the entry gate and took in $960 in entry fees, plus approximately 140 pounds of food. Some cash donations were given to us by our guests who didn’t know to bring two cans of food. Our expenses for park rental and insurance gave us a net income of about $410. The extra donations will go to the Oregon City Food Bank.

About 80 cars and trucks registered. Maybe we could have had more, but you never know how busy people can be, and what may arise causing a change of plans. We had 33 Studebakers, 12 Plymouths (a good showing), 4 Pontiacs, 3 AMC’s, 2 Chevrolets, 2 Fords (a record high, no doubt), a Hillman and an Osprey in a cottonwood tree.

Our food vendor did quite well, and got a lot of hot food to a lot of happy people. He even got around to see a few cars himself. He thanked us for inviting him, and asked about our favorite brand.

There was a tie for Best-of-Show between an extra nice 1971 Javelin and a 1937 Plymouth Sedan Delivery Wagon. After careful deliberation, the Best-of-Show was given to the 1937 Plymouth. Both cars were modified. The Plymouth had a very nice 2-tone grey exterior and a great 2-tone interior as well. All vehicles can be viewed here on our website, www.sdc-nw.org, done by our most excellent webmaster, Susan Kerslake.

Many people worked very hard behind the scenes, with the organizing, layout, parking of cars and trucks, photographing, cone lane layout to avoid problems, registration gate management, food acquiring and disbursement, awards manufacturing, judge tally, electronic PA system setup and MC’ing. Thank you to everybody who contributed and to all the people who brought their cars to the event, so the public can see what great cars and trucks used to roam the American countryside and were driven on a regular basis. Thank you all.

Yours truly,
Chuck Tubens
Old Car Driver & Lovin’ It!

This page posted 12 August 2014

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