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This page duplicates advertising from the most recent bi-monthly SDC-NW newsletter.
To place an ad contact Jennifer Arnold.


Lark Daytona 2 door hardtop for sale. $15,000

Al Johnston knows a person that is trying to sell a car she inherited. The car is in North Bonneville.
Original 289 V8, power brakes, all original, matching numbers, clear and clean title, no restoration. 
If interested, contact Char at 360 907 7892


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2r5 Truck parts

I am a former owner of a 2r5 truck. I sold Theodore (my truck) to a new loving owner, but I still have some extra taillights, a shifter boot, and some spark plug wires (that may be no good anymore due to age).
I can’t quite give this stuff to Goodwill, as I know it will likely get thrown away if no one knows what it is for. I am most interested in getting these parts to the right person rather than get a lot of money for them.
If you know of anyone or can offer some suggestions, please let me know.
Best regards,
Francine Lauth. Email at

1958 Studebaker Commander 2-door Coupe for sale at Auction. Edmonds, WA

Kaman Auctions in Edmonds, WA is a dealer-only auto auction that runs every Thursday. The majority of our vehicles come from charity donations. This week we received a 1958 Studebaker Commander 2-door coupe. It needs some restoration.
If interested, can send photos. Feel free to call my cell number with any questions.
Contact Marty Adams, Kaman Auctions, LLC
23110-B Hwy 99, Edmonds, WA 98026
425-640-5111 or 425-359-9022 cell/text

1961 Lark Cruiser parts:

New blackParting out 1961 Lark Cruiser. All major pieces intact, most minor pieces available. Please contact me with your wants. Highlights: 289 V8 engine (serial number P75 323), automatic transmission, windshield in good shape, rear door windows in okay shape, and fenders and rear quarters in fair condition, only a few bubbles in the front fenders. Contact Paul Work at or 503-708-5342.

1964 Cruiser 4DR

Well equipped with Powershift AT, factory air, Moonlight Silver with black vinyl bucket seat interior. 289 engine needs rebuild and body needs paint and restoration. Look at the car and make an offer. Contact Wayne Limbaugh 503-314-2583 or email:

1961 Lark Regal Convertible $4,500.

Contact Joe Millward 503-209-8414 or
I recently installed a good-running 259 full-flow V8 that was very clean inside. New motor and transmission mounts. Rebuilt distributor rebuilt 2bl Stromberg carb. Resurfaced flywheel with a new clutch and pressure plate installed with the engine is a new 3sp OD transmission with -0- miles (rebuilt by Charles Tubens). New u-joints installed.
NEW parts included with Lark Regal: Front and rear bumpers; new-in-box complete factory dual exhaust with mufflers, clamps and hangers; shocks all the way around; rebuild kit for the electric/hydraulic motor for the convertible top; tune up parts (points, cap, wires and condenser); all new brake parts (rear brakes installed); four brand new radial tires (-0- miles); new ignition switch; and new stainless/chrome body trim pieces.
Used parts include with Lark Regal: a nice hood and trunk lid.

milward 1
milward 2 This Lark Regal could be made a driver very easily in a couple of afternoons.
A fun car to have this summer!  Can also make an offer for BOTH this Lark & the 65 Commander in the ad below.


literatureTurning Wheels Magazines – Set of Back Issues from 1983 to 1994 for sale:

113 issues total. 1984-April of 1992 are complete with the exception of January 1985. Nothing from 1993 and May-December 1983 and May-October 1994. Entire set $150. Contact Tucker Haywood at 503-706-7245 or



Turning Wheels Magazines – from 1980s through 90s for sale:

93 magazines in total from the 80s and 90s (not consecutive, some months missing). Will sell for 50 cents per magazine, if buy the entire lot. Contact Sanford Burke at 253-380-3295


Parts wanted. I am looking for parts to rebuild a 1939 Coupe Express.  Anyone who has a Commander 6 engine or engine parts, transmission, Borg Warner Overdrive, Houdaille shocks,trim or chrome, misc parts of any kind, etc, please let me know.  I am especially interested in upgrading to a later 245 Commander engine.  My car does not have a heater or defroster so I need to put one in.  It does not matter if the heater or climatizer is 6 or 12 volts.  All suggestions welcome so feel free to give me, Al Kurzenhauser, a call at 989-370-4600 or email at


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