Studebaker Drivers Club, Northwest Chapter

Christmas Party     Sunday, December 6,  2015
report by Jane Peters     photos by Phil Peters     attendance by Sue Kerslake

Sandy Somarakis, Phil Gaffney, Carolyn Williams, Jennifer Arnold, Susie Prescott
Jane Peters, Murl Jones, Jennifer Arnold
Bob Maker, Bob Williams
Scott & Diana Hancock, Sandy Somarakis, Sheila Muck
Dave Muck, Sandy Somarakis, Alice McGrew, Lynn Holbrook, Sheila Muck, Jane Peters

The Ambridge Event Center in downtown east side Portland was the location again this year for our yearly Christmas party on Sunday, December 6th. There were thirty five of us celebrating together in a large room that was decorated with a big Christmas tree and little Christmas trees on each table. The large space made it easy to move about and talk with everyone. The room ambiance was enhanced by background Christmas music as suggested by some of our attenders last year. We were happy to see Phil and Alexis Gaffney and several other friends of the club who we donít get to see as regularly.

Our dinner choices of chicken or beef were accompanied by rice pilaf, red potatoes, steamed vegetables, salad and rolls. We had red and white wine, tea, and coffee and a choice of two desserts; cheese cake or a brownie with ice cream. We heard no complaints about the dinner, especially not the desserts.

Everyone who wanted to participate in the gift exchange got a gift to open and show others at their tables. The gifts were so nice we are thinking no one paid any attention to the $5 gift suggestion.

This yearís party seemed to be enjoyed by all, and those of you who couldnít attend missed a special time. And we missed having you with us.

Attending the party were:
Jerry & Lynn AndrewsJennifer Arnold
Jerry BlountBert Boehm & Richard Glenn
Dave & Terri DawsonPhil & Alexis Gaffney
Brent & Maureen Hagen   Ed & Lynn Holbrook
Diana & Scott HancockSandy Somarakis
Tom HartMurl Jones
Bruce & Sue KerslakeBob Maker
Alice McGrewDave & Sheila Muck
Phil & Jane PetersThom & Susie Prescott
Dana & Brenda ScottBob & Carolyn Williams
This page posted 11 December 2015

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